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Expounding Mindfulness: Read, Inquire, Comprehend

With my 40 years of experience of life I must say that the most important element of a top-notch of life is contentment – fulfilment – feeling purposeful. Now when we feel content the byproducts are feeling peaceful & ecstatically happy. Feeling content is situational and is temporary too, but what stays with us is the feeling we gain through those situations. Thus eventually building contented situations through our actions we create a happy & peaceful life everyday. Those people who have achieved this top-notch peaceful & happy life, they look more vibrant, more positive, sometimes more happier, also at times we feel comfortable sharing our problems with them & these vibrant personalities also empower people around instead of making people dependent on them for their own fulfilment. 

Now the question is how to make every situation in life filled with contentment? Many people have asked me that they do not have clarity or they do not know how to get clarity exactly. This is legit reality isn’t it? This unclear path is also situational & will change when the situation, the people around us or our state of mind changes. So there is nothing like all-time-clarity. But what can exist all-time is navigating our mind-heart-soul to the present moment without judgements or attachment to past experiences. 

‘Every Breath Is A Fresh Start’

And this is MINDFULNESS. In the modern-digital-fast life, where chaos seems to be the way of life and stress is allowed to be a constant companion, the concept of mindfulness stands out as a lighthouse amidst the storm. Mindfulness tools have the power to make every situation of our life filled with contentment. It’s not just about sitting cross-legged & chanting “om” or neither Mindfulness is only meditations. Mindfulness is a profound practice that encourages us to be aware of our thoughts, emotions, and surroundings, that’s it! It’s about cultivating awareness of our thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings and embracing them with compassion and acceptance. 

‘I Accept Myself, I Love Myself, I Am Enough’

Read Mindfully – Let your journey of mindfulness begin with reading—immersing yourselves in the teachings by the guru of Mindfulness – Thich Nhat Hanh, a prominent Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, author, and peace activist. He was the one who emphasized the practice of “mindfulness in everyday life,” encouraging individuals to be fully present in each moment and to bring awareness to their thoughts, feelings, and actions. But remember this – do not settle down just by reading stuff, question it, apply it, expanding your understanding of mindfulness and its applications in everyday life. Also reading mindfully is more than just absorbing information. Approach the text with openness and curiosity, allowing the words to penetrate deep into our consciousness and this process might spark new insights within. As you are reading, pause to reflect on your own experiences, drawing connections between theory and practice, and deepening our commitment to the concept of mindfulness. 

Inquire like a child – We humans have developed because we questioned why to everything that has evolved before & thus reformations exist. While you are reading this blog, pay attention that are you just getting influenced by what is written here or by reading each & every word in this blog you are feeling inspired with new insights within you. With each inquiry within, you are peeling back the layers of conditioning since your childhood and those illusions-beliefs-values that were created for you either by your parents, family members or teachers. You might not find answers immediately, but yet keep inquiring, keep questioning for now. In this mindfulness journey let me invite you to explore the nature of reality, the workings of the mind, and the meaning of our existence with curiosity. Let you have the courage to challenge your own assumptions and beliefs if necessary, and most importantly embrace the unknown with an open heart and aware mind. Remember this – we all change into different personalities everyday because of new experiences, new people we meet & new learnings we read or listen or envision. 

Comprehending the Essence – The realisation below the surface of our thoughts and emotions with vastness of awareness, a space of pure presence, rich mindset and limitless potential is that divine being Mindfulness creates for us. In this blog, we strive to comprehend this essence of mindfulness, not through intellectual understanding alone, but through direct experience and realisation. Thus reading hundreds of books of Mindfulness or watching & listening to thousands of videos about Mindfulness won’t make you mindful. The real experience is practising Mindfulness activities to live a Mindful Lifestyle. Life is not a destination but a journey, a process through which we eventually realise what is our ultimate purpose of this one life we are still living. Through practices such as mindfulness meditation, breath awareness, and body scanning, we can cultivate a direct experience of the present moment to feel the aliveness of the body, and to connect with the boundless spaciousness of awareness within. We already naturally have this awareness within us, but most of the times we lose it because of the chaos around us, start these Mindful practices & eventually these become an everyday part of us & thus we can build a Mindful Lifestyle making this process of life peaceful, happy & content.